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World War Loot Guide

Welcome to the World War Loot Guide! All loot that is dropped in World War Missions is listed here by Mission tab and Name of Mission. Note you will have to count your Mission tabs in game since the names on the tabs vary according to your flag. Click on each Loot Item to see details on whether it is also a buyable unit, what level it is available, its attack and defense, category (air, water, ground or infantry), how much it costs to deploy it, discounted price (if you have the Mission Mastery Loot giving the discount), and the cash returned to you when you disband the unit. Click on the Mission tab number to go right to the World War Missions Guide.

Loot item Mission tab Name of mission
Supply Truck or
Cruiser or
Mission tab #1Fend off Enemy Attack
PrisonerMission tab #1Hunt Down Enemies
Cadet SquadMission tab #1Train Armed Forces
Supply Truck or
Mission tab #1Seize Enemy
Supply TruckMission tab #1Locate Enemy Camp
Patrol UnitMission tab #1Establish Base Defense
FighterMission tab #1Destroy Enemy Base
Light Tank or
Mission tab #1Invade Enemy Territory
Light Machine GunnerMission tab #2Set Up Military Camp
CorvetteMission tab #2Intercept Shipment
Avionics EngineersMission tab #2Investigate Wreckage
Wiesel 2 Mortar UnitMission tab #3Infiltrate Western Border
M163 Anti-aircraft VehicleMission tab #3Discover Reinforcements
Mobile Howitzer CannonMission tab #3Repel Counterattack
SA-8 Gecko Missile LauncherMission tab #3Bombard Enemy Defenses
Biosoldier UnitMission tab #3Destroy Enemy Lab
Bioweapon ScientistsMission tab #3Confiscate Bioweapons
Thresher SubmarineMission tab #4Locate Submarines
Guardian Patrol BoatMission tab #4Secure Shoreline
Annihilator FighterMission tab #4Level Enemy City
SU-34 Fullback BomberMission tab #4Air Raid
Black Widow PMC OperativesMission tab #4Take out Supply Depot
Koalitcia-SV ArtilleryMission tab #5Deploy Ground Forces
E-3 SentryMission tab #5Send In Air Support
Obyekt 500 SPAAGMission tab #5Cut Off Enemy Retreat
Rebel FighterMission tab #6Capture Enemy Fighters
Amphibious Command ShipMission tab #6Disrupt Communications
Raptor JetMission tab #6Perform Surprise Attack
Stealth InfiltratorMission tab #6Capture Enemy Spies
Nuclear SquadMission tab #6Destroy Nuclear Facility
Eurocopter TigerMission tab #7Assemble Naval Fleet
Aegis Defense PMC OperativesMission tab #7Conquer Coastal Base
NLOS-CMission tab #7Force Enemy to Retreat
Patriot Missile SystemMission tab #8Assault Enemy Fleet
Nuclear SubmarineMission tab #8Fortify Beachhead
Zubr Class HovercraftMission tab #9Demolish Enemy Base
Steel Talon PMC OperativesMission tab #10Occupy Enemy City
Dark Sword AircraftMission tab #10Destroy Research Facility

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