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Level 186     Alliance Code: NUZRP
Current income: 2,120,105,000
Level 213     Mob Code: E4P6FE
Current income: 1,606,935,000
Level 207     Crew Code: 2TNEU9
Current income: 65,359,150
Level 190     Army Code: KW94GB
Current income: 38,014,988
Level 164     Clan Code: MCNGTF
Current income: 1,164,829,950
Level 134     Horde Code: YX4YQC
Current income: 6,058,579
Level 161     Clan Code: 8CNNP
Level 141     Band Code: T4ANVT
Current income: 30,142,530
Level 2     Team Code: 123ADE

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cahrens321 This is 1st time asking this so I hope its correct. I'm requesting a link for WW atm event 3MBNJS is my code. Thank you in advance.
Posted: 12-12-12 2:00pm

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