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Jewel Mania Island 7 Deserted Desert Guide

Level 37

Level 37 entails the challenge of breaking all the glass in 40 moves. The player should carefully note all the glass in the level, the blasting of rows with the blasting jewel and super powerful moves all will help in breaking of the glass in the level.

Level 38

Level 38 requires the player to earn 40,000 points in 25 moves. The matching of jewels will not be enough here and the player will have to go for the creation of blasting, diamond and bomb jewel along with the super powerful moves and the swapping of these to score the desired points in 35 moves.

Level 39

Level 39 may be deemed a challenging one; the player in this level is required to dig 5 meters down in a mere of 60 moves. The player, for this level, is required to concentrate on the lower side of the screen for digging the screen and move down fast. The player is also advised to blast the rows by means of blasting jewels, make bomb jewels, diamond jewels, blasting jewels and swap these to dig deeper.

Level 40

Level 40 requires the player to earn 36,000 points in a time of mere 1:15. The player for this level is advised to concentrate on the jewels lying on the corner of the screen along with the ones lying in the middle of the screen for making various jewels and moves for winning this level.

Level 41

Level 41 requires the player to break all the glass on the screen in 55 moves. As the player is not faced with time limitation here, therefore, he/ she should take time for contemplating the moves to break the glass. Blasting the entire row, super powerful move, the bomb jewels all will help the player in breaking the glass. The player is also advised to carefully observe any glass, which is lying at any corner of the screen.

Level 42

The player in lieu of level 42 will find swapping bomb jewels with blasting jewels of immense help in being able to dig 6 meters down before the time is up. Making blasting jewels will prove to be of help in any case as this will serve to blast the entire row. Two blasting jewels can also be swapped as this will also result in digging a little deeper. Creation of diamonds and swapping these will also help as this will give the player more room for making matches of the remaining color jewels and thus moving downwards. The player, for this level, is advised to concentrate on making matches at the lower portion of the screen so as to move downward fast.

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