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Bubble Mania Strategy Island 9 The Mount Popper

The player throughout this island is faced with time limitation as the game may end when a bubble gets slugged.

Level 49

Level 49 has the presence of sludge bubbles, which countdown every time the player shoots. Level 49 has lightening bubbles placed at the topmost row and baby critters at the middle and upper rows of the screen. A better strategy for the player is to clear the screen from any one side, preferably from the middle, to pop a lightening bubble and the baby critters will, thus, be rescued.

Level 50

Level 50 has lightening bubbles placed at the top most row; the player is to make way towards these lightening bubbles. In view of the time limit and restriction, the player is advised to clear the bubbles according to the availability of the bubble ammo and thus make fast way towards the lightening bubbles. The player, for this level, is not advised to concentrate on clearing the screen from one side owing to the limitation of the time but to clear the screen in accordance with the availability and color of the bubbles available for aim.

Level 51

Level 51 has a single baby critter trapped amongst the frozen bubble at the top of the screen. This level also has the presence of a stone bubble. The player may, therefore, buy the boost to pop this stone bubble; however, this level may also be cleared without this boost. In view of both, the limited bubbles and limited time, this level can be deemed challenging. The player should attempt to clear the below right placed bubbles to obtain access to the baby critters. After these bubbles have cleared the stone bubble will fall for itself in this level and the player will obtain access to the baby critters, placed amongst the frozen bubbles. This baby critter can thus be popped down from amongst the frozen bubbles in the usual manner.

Level 52

Level 52 in Bubble Mania, like other levels, will load in various colors.

However, the most conducive of this will be the one, which will have a large cluster of a single colored bubble like the one shown below.

This will render the clearing of level very easy for the player as the player, in this manner, with a single aim will be able to clear the most part of the screen. Level 52 has two baby critters trapped at the upper part of the screen, which are to be rescued and the level will, thus, be won. Even if this is not the case, the player, in this level, should look to target bubbles, which are placed in large clusters, as this will serve to clear the screen fast. The player, in view of the limited time available for the level, should look to clear the screen fast.

Level 53

Level 53 may be termed a challenging one in, which the player has to reach the baby critters placed at the top after popping the bubbles, which are placed in a triangular shape. The player, in this level, first has to attach similar color bubbles to the bubbles and then pop these down. The player is advised to target the bubbles, i.e. attach similar color bubbles with the bubbles, which are attached to the black bubbles as this will result in the falling of the black bubbles and will thus render moving up easy for the player. The screen, in this manner, will also clear faster. Since the time in the level is also limited so the player should not take much time to contemplate each move or a bubble may slug and the level may end without the bubble ammo having ended. The player should also be careful as not to hit the sneak peak bubble, i.e. the bubble placed at the right and the left most side of the screen as this will result in taking the player to the top of the screen and, therefore, in wasting of the time, which is limited in the whole Island.

Level 54

Level 54 may be termed a simple one, the player, however, has to take care of the restrained faced by him/her in terms of both time and the bubble ammo. The best strategy, available to the player, in this level is to hit the lightening bubble exclusively and not be tempted to rescue the baby critters, which are placed randomly as this will result in wasting of the bubble ammo, which may be deemed limited one in view of the length of the level.

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