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Bubble Mania Strategy Island 7 The Blubber's Belly

Level 37

Level 37, the first level of Blubber's Belly is quite a challenging one. The player, here, may encounter immense difficulties as the baby critters, which are to be popped are not visible on the screen throughout the whole level. The player, in this level, is, therefore, advised to take a snapshot of the screen and remember the colors and the accurate position of the baby critters. The player, for this level, is advised to remember the positions along with the colors of the baby critters with respect to the headings of score, level 37 and high score. The player will find that the right most baby critter is placed just below the heading high score, the middle right baby critter is present right below 37 of the heading 37, the middle left baby critter is present below L of Level 37 while the left most baby critter is present below e of the heading score.

Level 38

Though level 38 may seem a very long one, it is actually quite a simple one. The player, while the level is loading, needs to look for the two streams, which have baby critters placed at their top. Once the player pops these two streams the baby critters will be freed and the level will be over. The player needs to follow these two streams, holding baby critters, from the top to the bottom. The player may pop these two streams after making way to these two through the lowest row of bubble along with popping the crystal bubbles placed below these rows.

Level 39

Level 39 is again a very challenging one in view of the limited number of bubbles. Though these are 55 to be precise yet in view of this challenging level, these may be termed as limited. Level 39 has baby critters trapped within black bubbles, in the middle of the screen. The player, in this level, has to pop the crystal bubbles placed at the middle and top of the screen. Four lightening bubbles are placed in this level; two of these are placed at the middle while two are placed at the top of the screen. The player may pop any of the two placed at the middle and in a similar manner any of the two placed at the top of the screen to win this level. A better strategy, for the player, is to concentrate on any one side of the screen to pop the lightening bubble and not attempt to clear both sides of the screen.
Level 40

Level 40 has bubbles placed in the form of two triangles. The baby critters are placed at the top of the screen. A better strategy here for the player is first to pop the bubbles placed at the corner of the down most rows and thus break the lower side of the triangle. The player, after having broken the lower side of the triangle should aim at the bubbles placed in the middle of the two triangles. After these have been popped too, the player should now aim to clear the bubbles, which will enable the player to pop the baby critters.

Level 41

Level 41 has bubbles placed in the form of small triangles throughout the screen. The strategy here is to hit the lightening bubbles and the bubbles will fall for themselves. The player should attach similar color bubbles with the isolated bubbles and aim these down for reaching the upper placed lightening bubbles and popping these too. The top placed baby critters are, however, without lightening bubbles and have to be popped down by the player. This level also has toxin bubbles, which the player needs to stay aware off and make sure not to hit these.

Level 42

Level 42 has baby critters trapped at the top of the screen. This level is long with three huge clusters of bubbles placed at the relatively upper, middle and lower levels of the screen. The player is advised to carefully observe the fastest way to reach and pop these huge bubble clusters. The player is, therefore, advised to observe the thread of these bubble clusters, which is accessible most easily, conveniently ensuring the usage of minimum possible balls and subsequently pop these clusters. The player should save the bubble ammo for rescuing the baby critters from the topmost row. An interesting factor here is that these baby critters are all of similar color and are not required to be rescued individually rather these need to be popped with a similar color bubble and all of them will fall down for themselves. The player while reaching out to these three bubble clusters has to clear the lower placed bubbles first. Sometimes these bubbles are themselves placed in clusters, which renders it easy for the player to aim these down and head for these three large bubble clusters. Depending on the availability of the color of the bubble ammo, the player may choose to clear the bubbles from the corner or the middle to reach the bubble clusters thread early.

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