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Bubble Mania Strategy Island 14 The Glowcap Vale

Level 79

Level 79 is a challenging one not only because of the frozen bubbles, which are lying at both the upper and lower level of the screen but also because of the stone bubble present at the upper part of the screen. Rescuing the baby critters is rendered challenging not only by virtue of the stone bubble but also because of the frozen and isolated placed bubbles. The player, for this level, is advised to have sufficient amount of bubble ammo in hand to rescue the baby critters.

Level 80

Level 80 is a long one and takes long to load also. The player will be first required to pop all the columns of bubbles, which are hanging. These bubble columns entail both toxic and plus bubbles, therefore, popping these columns will simultaneously result in both the gaining and losing of bubble ammo. However, the player should first look to pop the bubble column, which has more of plus bubbles and less of toxic bubbles in order to retain sufficient amount of bubble ammo to carry on with the level. Another factor to be looked into in this level is that the player should hit the first star bubble with the bubble color, which is of bubbles placed higher in the level in between the black bubbles i.e. the red bubbles as shown in the above picture instead of the lower placed yellow one. Once the player hits this star bubble with the red bubble the middle structure will collapse for itself taking the player to the upper placed lightening bubble. Once the player hits this lightening bubble the black bubbles will drop and the player may then hit the four star bubbles with the respective four color of the baby critters to in the level.

Level 81

Level 81 may be deemed a very interesting one; this level has all the plus bubbles, toxic bubbles, frozen bubbles, black bubbles, lightening bubbles and star bubbles. The player while making way towards the top should be careful not to pop the toxic bubbles as this will result in the loss of bubble ammo at the same time the player should ensure that he/ she pops all the plus bubbles in the level in order to acquire a sufficient bubble ammo. The player while hitting the lowermost lightening bubble should also ensure to pop the plus bubbles and avoid the toxic bubbles. The player after having done this will now reach the first star bubble, the player at this stage should be careful that this star bubble should be hit with a bubble, the color of, which is one of the top placed three baby critters. The player at this stage should ensure to pop all the plus bubbles along with hitting the lightening bubble. The player will now have sufficient bubble ammo along with a clear screen, hence, rendering it easy for the player to hit the remaining two star bubbles and free the baby critters. It is also important to mention here that the middle placed star bubble at the upper stage of the level is meaningless and should be hit down.

Level 82

Level 82 is rendered challenging by virtue of the sludge bubbles, which serve to sludge the level. As these bubbles sludge, the bubbles and the screen both are blackened rendering it difficult for the player to go up towards rescuing the baby critters. The player, for this level, is advised to hit both the lower and the middle placed lightening bubble at the lower cluster of bubble at the earliest. The player after this should then look to drop these lower placed sludge bubbles by means of popping the bubbles, which are joining the plus bubbles with the upper placed bubbles. It is necessary to work fast in this level as the sludge bubbles may render it almost impossible for the player to move up. The player is, however, advised to pop as many plus bubbles as is convenient in order to gain a sufficient number of bubble ammo. The player after this should pop the frozen bubbles in the middle and hit the lightening bubble at the top and the level will, thus, be won.

Level 83

Level 83 is a long and a challenging one; a peculiarity of this level is that the player will have to take aims, throughout the level, without actually seeing the bubbles on the screen.

The player will first have to hit the plus bubble (orange in this picture) with a similar color bubble i.e. orange. This will serve to add three bubbles to the bubble ammo of the player and, thus, open the way to pop the above placed two plus bubbles as shown in the below picture

The player will then have to pop the two plus bubbles and after popping these, hit the lightening bubble and the structure will collapse taking the player a little above in the screen.

After having reached here, the player will have to pop the plus bubbles, placed above the toxic bubbles. The player should be careful as not to pop the toxic bubbles as this will result in the bubble ammo being decreased by 3 bubbles. After the two plus bubbles placed respectively at the right and left side of the screen is popped (pink bubbles in the above screen), the player will then go onto pop the plus bubbles placed at both sides of the toxic bubbles. The player, here, needs to be careful that he/ she should not pop the toxic bubbles, which may result in decreasing the bubble ammo. After these have been popped the player will now, finally, move towards rescuing the baby critters.

Rescuing the baby critters is again challenging as the player will have to rescue each of them after popping the two below placed bubble clusters.

The player for this level is advised to make use of the sneak peak bubbles as hitting these will take the screen above and, hence, the player will be able to view the screen. This way the player will be better aware of how accurate her/ his aim(s) are and how far the screen has cleared. Moreover, the player should remember the position of the bubbles and the aims by making the above three headings i.e. score, level 83 and high score as yardsticks and remember the positions of the bubbles against these.

Level 84

Level 84 has plus, lightening, black and frozen bubbles placed in it. The lowest level has two sets of plus bubbles placed just below the lightening bubble. The player after popping these two sets of plus bubbles will then hit the lightening bubble to move upwards in the level. However, the level here gets challenging as, now, three sets of plus bubbles are now present above the randomly placed bubbles. Clearing these bubbles to reach the plus bubbles and popping the frozen bubbles to reach the lightening bubble, placed among the black bubbles, is again a great challenge. The above layer of bubbles will now comprise a single set of plus bubbles surrounded by frozen bubbles, placed just below the lightening bubbles. The player after popping any of the right or left placed frozen bubbles will hit the lightening bubble and will again move forward in the level. The player in lieu of hitting the lightening bubble should select one side and exclusively target it so the bubble ammo may not get wasted. The next layer of bubbles will comprise three set of plus bubbles; a middle cluster placed in the middle and two set of plus bubbles placed at each side of the screen. While the right side plus bubbles are placed in set of two, which makes it easier for the player to pop them the left placed plus is placed in an isolated position, which simply means adding two more bubbles to pop it. It is, however, again important to mention here that the lightening bubble is placed above the frozen bubble, which simply means that these will have to be popped before hitting the lightening bubble. The next layer entails two sets of plus bubbles with two frozen bubbles placed in between them and the lightening bubble placed above it. The player will, therefore, have to pop the frozen bubbles to hit the lightening bubble.

At the uppermost level of the screen are the baby critters, which are, themselves, surrounded by the plus bubbles. The player can pop these plus bubbles and add bubble ammo while simultaneously popping the baby critters.

The key to playing this level is to aim for the relatively large cluster of plus bubbles for adding the bubble ammo and to ignore the relatively small or isolated ones, in the event, if popping them will result more in the loss of bubbles rather than gaining of it. The player while, simultaneously, trying to pop the plus bubbles should also look to pop the frozen bubbles for reaching the lightening bubbles.

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