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Bubble Mania Strategy Island 13 The Jellyfish Dome

Level 73

Level 73 introduces the plus bubble, which when popped results in adding three bubbles to the bubble ammo available to the player. In view of the limited bubble ammo available for ammo, the player should look to pop all plus bubbles and gain 3bubbles/ bubble. However, a good thing is that there are only two baby critters placed among the frozen bubbles at the right and left side of the screen. The player should look to pop the frozen bubbles surrounding the baby critters with a bubble, which has a color similar to that of baby critters as this render the rescuing of baby critters easy and fast.

Level 74

Level 74 can be deemed an interesting one. A piece of advice for the player, here, is that that the frozen baby critters, which throughout the level are lying next to the plus bubbles, should be popped with the color, which is similar to that of the plus bubbles. This will serve, the player, two purposes not only will it result in the rescue of the baby critters but also in the player getting easy 3 bubbles on popping the plus bubbles.

Level 75

Level 75 has a single baby critter at the top of the screen. The player has to get to this baby critter and rescue it in order to win the level. The player is advised to primarily concentrate on reaching the baby critter fast, while popping the requisite number of plus bubbles in the upward journey. The player should, however, ensure that a sufficient number of bubble ammo is in the hand to pop the frozen critter. Player should be beware of the toxic bubbles here, which may serve to decrease the already insufficient bubble ammo by 3/ toxic bubble and should ensure not to hit these. A toxic bubble is also lying next to the frozen baby and the player while popping it should be careful about it also. The player is primarily advised not to pop the baby critter with a color, which is similar to that of the toxic bubbles.

Level 76

Level 76 is an interesting one with plus, lightening, black and frozen bubbles. This level may be deemed a simple one. In view of the limited number of bubble ammo and number of bubbles entailing the baby critters, the player is advised to pop all of the plus bubbles present in the level and acquire a sufficient number of bubble ammo.

Level 77

Level 77 has the presence of toxic bubbles along with the plus bubbles. The player for reaching the top to rescue the baby critters will also have to pop the toxic bubbles, which will result in the player loosing the bubble ammo. The player should try to pop the maximum plus bubbles in an attempt to gain the maximum possible bubble ammo as the bubble ammo in this level will be diminished by popping the toxic bubbles and will also be required in rescuing the baby critters from among the frozen bubbles.

Level 78

Level 78 is a long one; the player here will be required to pop all the plus bubbles in order to reach and rescue the baby critters from the frozen bubbles. The player for this level is required to pop both the plus and the baby critters from the frozen bubbles. The player is, therefore, advised to pop the frozen bubbles entailing the pop and the baby critters with the bubbles, which have an identical color as the plus and the baby critters.

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