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Bubble Mania Strategy Island 12 Iceberg Isle

Level 67

Level 67 can be deemed a long one; the presence of sludge bubbles renders this level difficult for the player. The player should first drop the black bubbles at the lower level of the screen, which will serve to bring the screen a little lower. The player, in this level, will move upwards by popping the bubbles; however, the player should be careful about the usage of bubble ammo here as there are too many baby critters, in this level, which are lying frozen at the top level of the screen and are to be rescued by popping the frozen bubbles.

Level 68

Level 68 entails frozen bubble, black bubbles, lightening bubble, star bubble and stone bubble. The player has first to reach the lightening bubble at the left side of the screen. After the player has hit the lightening bubble, the stone bubbles, carrying the frozen baby critter will drop for themselves and the player can thus rescue the baby critter after popping bubbles at the frozen baby critter. The player can then venture to the upper level of the screen; the player at this stage should notice the color of the baby critter at the left side of the screen trapped behind the black bubbles and should hit the star bubble with a similar color bubble. This way the baby critter will be released and the level will, thus, be won.

Level 69

Level 69 is a challenging one and requires the technique of bouncing the balls for completing the level. The player first has to reach the lightening bubble and later clear the remaining bubbles attached with the black bubbles. This will bring the screen a little lower; the player will then be required to pop bubbles at the frozen bubbles lying in between the black bubbles at the upper side of the screen. However, the color of the bubbles, which are to be popped at these frozen bubbles, should be the same as the bubbles, which are lying below the frozen baby critters. It is, however, important to note here that once the player has popped all the bubbles at the lower level of the screen the rest of the bubble ammo, for itself, will turn to the color of the bubbles lying below the frozen baby critters. The player will have to bounce of the bubbles to pop the frozen bubbles through the opening at the left side of the screen. As the frozen bubbles are popped, the black bubbles hanging down are removed for themselves making it easier for the player to proceed. After the player is able to hit the star bubble at the right side of the screen with the bubble the black bubbles will drop for themselves and the frozen baby critters will then be exposed to the player. The player can finally pop the baby critters from the frozen bubbles

Level 70

Level 70 has two baby critters at the top of the top of the screen trapped above the black bubbles and lying next to a frozen bubble. This level has two lightening bubbles and a star bubble; as the player hits any of these two lightening bubbles the remaining below bubbles fall for themselves including the two lower black bubbles. The player has then to hit the star bubble enclosed in the black bubbles; however, the star bubble is enclosed by three different colors bubbles. The player will, therefore, have to pop at least two of these bubbles including the lower most and one of the upper two bubbles in order to reach and hit the star bubble. It is, however, important to know here that the star bubble should be hit with the bubble, which is the same color as that of the bubbles lying above the black bubbles. This way the black bubbles will fall and the player will then have to rescue the two baby critters after popping the frozen bubbles lying next to the baby critter.

Level 71

Level 71 is again a very long one; this level has three lightening and three star bubbles along with black and frozen bubbles. Two baby critters are placed at the top amongst the black and frozen bubbles. The player has first to clear the below placed level to hit the lightening bubble and the remaining below bubbles will fall for themselves. After the player has hit the lightening bubbles, the player will then move upwards and pop the frozen bubbles; the player while moving up and popping the frozen bubbles may remove bubbles of any three colors by means of hitting the star bubbles. The player now finally moving upwards towards rescuing the baby critters will, thus, be left with bubbles of two colors. The player also has to rescue two baby critters from the black and frozen bubbles, the player should, therefore, be careful to use both of the remaining colors, each at one side of the screen, to rescue the two baby critters. This will ensure that the player rescues the baby critters from the black and frozen bubbles.

Level 72

Level 72 is again a challenging one with the presence of toxic, black, stone, lightening and star bubbles. The player at the beginning of the level should be careful as not to hit the toxic bubbles or the player will lose 3 bubbles/ toxic bubble. The player is advised to observe carefully the screen for the non-toxic bubbles amongst the toxic bubbles and to move forward by popping these. The player after passing through these toxic bubbles will move forward to the lightening bubble and hit it. Stone bubbles holding a baby critter is then placed at the screen, which will not move. The player will then have to pop bubbles for reaching the star bubble placed above this structure in a cluster of bubble. The player for bubbles, which are closer to the star bubble, will have to bounce off the bubbles to pop these. Finally the star bubble placed below the black bubbles will have to be hit with a bubble color, which is the same as that of the stone bubbles entrapped baby critter and the baby critter will thus be rescued.

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