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Bubble Mania Strategy Island 11 Stone Cold Cave

Level 61

A single baby critter is present in this level and that too at the top most of the screen, above a huge cluster of toxin bubbles. The player has to reach the baby critter present at the top and to rescue it in order to win this level; however, the challenge, which faces the player here, is the toxin bubbles. The total number of bubble ammo available to the player is 80 and the hitting of a single toxin bubble serves to decrease this bubble ammo by a number of three. This means that hitting a single cluster of these toxin bubbles will serve to decrease the bubble ammo by 39 as the number of toxin bubbles present in each cluster is 13. The player in view of this is, therefore, advised to buy the anti-toxin boost to clear this level. For obtaining three stars in this level the player is advised to bounce off the balls and aim these toxin bubble clusters with the anti-toxin boost and make fast way towards the top placed baby critters.

Level 62

Level 62 may be termed a challenging one; this level has a lightening bubble present at the top most of the screen, which when hit will serve to free the baby critters. The presence of black bubbles in this level renders the reaching the lightening bubble very challenging for the player. The lowermost placed black bubbles are easy to be dropped down as these drop down after the bubbles attached to them are popped. However, the player for the middle placed black bubbles will have to bounce off the bubble to reach and pop the corner placed bubble and thus the black bubbles will drop paving the way to the top placed lightening bubble. The player is advised to clear anyone side of the screen to clear this level and reaching the lightening bubble.

Level 63

Level 63 has the presence of baby critters throughout the screen; the baby critters are, here, attached with crystal bubbles throughout the screen along with toxin bubbles. However, the toxin bubbles are exclusively at the lower and middle level of the screen. The player should be careful as not to hit the toxic bubbles as this will result in the reduction of bubble ammo 3/ toxic bubble. A better strategy is to pop the upper placed baby critters and the below baby critters will drop for themselves.

Level 64

Level 64 may be deemed a challenging one as the player for taking aim has to remember the position of the baby critters. Moreover, the player has to pop the baby critters from the frozen bubbles without actually seeing them. The player here will be faced with two challenges as along with the upper placed baby critters the middle placed lightening bubbles are also to be hit without actually seeing them. The player for the lowermost lightening bubbles will hit the sneak peak bubble with a bubble and after this place two more similar color bubbles with it to clear the way towards the lightening bubbles. After the player has hit the first lightening bubble the screen will move up and the player will be taken to the middle placed lightening bubble above the sneak peak bubbles, however, it is important to note here that the player will not be able to see it. The player is, therefore, advised to take screen shot and remember the position of the lightening bubbles and the sneak peak bubbles. The player after hitting the middle placed sneak peak bubble, similar to the lower placed bubble, will have to add two more similar color bubbles to it and aim it down to hit the lightening bubble. Finally the player will be required to remember the position and colors of the baby critters and rescue them from amongst the frozen bubbles.

Level 65

Baby critters in level 65 are placed above the black bubbles; the player has to hit the two star bubbles with the colors of the two baby critters and the level will thus be won. This level also has the presence of two stone bubbles, which renders taking a direct aim difficult for the player. The player for this level is advised to clear the middle portion of the screen for reaching the two star bubbles. The player while popping the bubbles surrounding the star bubble should be careful that he/ she does not drop the star bubble.

Level 66

Level 66 is a very long one with the player having to pop two huge clusters of bubbles before making way to the top placed baby critters. The player, in this level, faces the sludge, stone, frozen and black bubbles; the strategy of the player, here, should entail fast clearing the two huge clusters of bubble connected by the black bubbles; the player should, therefore, look for the bubbles, which are placed in relatively large clusters in these two clusters of bubble and aim these down. This will serve to clear the screen fast.

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