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Bubble Mania Strategy Island 10 The Wizards Haunt

Level 55

Level 55 has the presence of Star Bubble, which when hit directly results in the instant popping of every bubble, which matches the shot i.e. the color of the bubble ammo being aimed at the bubble. The strategy of the player, in respect of the middle rows, should be to reach the middle placed star bubble. The player, in respect of the second star bubble, which is placed higher however, should be careful as to hit this star bubble with a bubble color, which is of the bubble cluster placed above the black bubbles. This is important in view of the fact that the black bubbles this way will drop for themselves. In the below picture this color is the yellow one and the upper placed star bubble should, therefore, be hit with the yellow color bubble.

The player should also look to pop bubbles, which are placed in clusters at all rows as this clears the screen faster. The bubble ammo is limited i.e. only 25 bubbles, the player should, therefore, be careful as not to waste a single bubble here; this is also because the player will need bubbles to rescue the baby critters placed at the top.

Level 56
Level 56 may be deemed an interesting one with the presence of three star bubbles, each of which is to be hit with any one out of the total three colors of the baby critters trapped above the black bubbles. To simplify this further three different star bubbles are to be hit with three different baby critter colors.

In the above picture the three star bubbles will need to be hit with the respective red, purple and pink colors. Since the black bubbles do not pop in this level and the player is not able to obtain access to them, therefore, these baby critters are to be freed in this manner. The strategy of the player should be to first hit the right and left star bubbles and hit the middle one placed amongst the toxic bubbles in the last as this will result in the player loosing the bubble ammo. The player may also buy the anti-toxin boost here so he/she may not lose the bubble ammo on hitting the toxin bubbles.

Level 57

Level 57, though, may seem a complicated one is actually a very simple one. The player, in this level, while it is loading is advised to note the color of the baby critter and then hit the star bubble with the similar color bubble. In the below pictures the color of the bubble with, which the star bubble is to be ht is the purple one.

While in the below picture the bubble color with, which the star bubble is to bit will be the pink one.

Level 58

Level 58 may be deemed a simple one also, however, it is rendered challenging in view of the limited number of bubbles available as bubble ammo. The strategy of the game is simple here; the three star bubbles are to be hit with the three colors of the baby critters. This will be better demonstrated by the below picture.

The three star bubbles, in the above level, need to be hit respectively with orange, light blue and red colored bubbles. The hitting of the bubble will not only result in rescuing of the trapped baby critter but also in the elimination of all bubbles of that color on the screen. The player is, therefore, advised before hitting the first star bubble to look at the screen and determine the color of the bubble, which is pre-dominant on the screen, however, this color should be from among the 3 colors of the baby critters, to hit the first star bubble with. This will not only result in freeing one of the trapped baby critters but also in better clearing of the screen.

Level 59

Level 59 may be deemed a challenging one, this level has the presence of three star bubbles, which when hit with three different color bubbles will serve to eliminate all bubbles of those three respective colors present in the level. The player is, therefore, advised to reach these star bubbles quickly and hit them so to save the bubble ammo for popping the rest of the bubbles. The player as the level loads should look for the color of the bubble, which has a pre-dominant or abundant presence on the screen and look to hit the star bubble with that particular color. After the player has hit the first star bubble, the player for hitting the rest two star bubbles should look at the screen once again and then determine the bubble colors, which need to be eliminated by means of hitting the star bubble.

Level 60

Level, though, looks a very long and complicated one is, actually, a very simple and a short one. All a player has to do in this level is to note the color of the bubble cluster, which is lying at the very top just below the black bubbles holding the baby critters; in the images shown above this color is the yellow one. The first star bubble, which is placed at the very lowest position in the level, is to be hit with a bubble of this color and the whole structure will collapse for itself. The player will then see the lightening bubble, placed amongst the black bubbles, which when hit will result in the successful ending of the level.

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