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ATTENTION!!! DUE TO TECHNICAL CIRCUMSTANCES BEYOND OUR CONTROL, THE ATMWALL LINK SERVICE IS BEING MOVED TO A NEW ACCOUNT. Many of you know there have been issues where inviting ATMWall would just give a blank screen. Efforts to resolve this problem with Storm8 were fruitless. A new ATMWall account has been created.


Are you a player? Please read the blue section below.
Are you an ATM? Please read the yellow section at the bottom of the page

ARE YOU A PLAYER WHO WANTS TO FIND OUT ABOUT ATMWALL AND HOW TO GET A LINK? operates an AtmWall account in all Storm8 games to give players easy access to many quality ATMs and their events. The combination of the ATM Event Schedule and AtmWall can get you to hundreds of ATM events and help you increase your income in Storm8 games.

The AtmWall account is called:   0ATM Wall2™   in every game, but it's simply nicknamed AtmWall on this website or in conversations on Palringo.
Please note that you must send an ally request to get a link. There is no other way to get a link!
Send your ally request to Storm8 ID: AtmWall3

Please note the S8ID is correct. We are aware the number doesn’t match the name. The ID still works.

Do not ask for a link on my wall, you will simply get blocked! Do not ask questions on my wall, you will get blocked. Do not drop your code on my wall, you will get blocked. Do not spam or advertise on my wall, you will get blocked!

Please understand that you may not be able to successfully send an invite the first time as my pending invite list could be full. This doesn't mean that I am capped! Links are given to players on my pending list and their invites are dropped right after, so other people can invite me for a link.

Some people don't understand why they can't ask for a link on my wall and get offended if they get blocked when they do. If you're one of these people then this upcoming paragraph is for you.

The concept of AtmWall is to be a hub of ATM links that players can access to attend ATM events. Asking for links on my wall buries the ATM links that others are trying to use, pushing them to the second, or third page of my wall making it that much harder to get to them when events are happening. Being blocked does not mean that you can't get a link. It simply means that you didn't take the time read my rules, otherwise you'd know better.


  • Don't make a fool out of yourself commenting on my wall how much my income sucks. AtmWall is not an ATM...
  • Do not ask for a new link if you already have one. Instead click on "My Profile" and "Comments" to reach the link you already have. Delete any spam you may have to bring your AtmWall link back to your first page of comments for easy access.
  • Before events you can sanction/hit list/bounty AtmWall. This will give you a soft link to AtmWall on your home page until it gets pushed off by others attacking you. Do this a few minutes before an ATM event while you're in hiding, so others can't attack you and push your AtmWall soft link off your home screen. It's a great way to get to AtmWall faster.
  • Respect your ATMs. Please don't sanction/hit list/bounty your ATMs. Read their walls to find out about their rules and make sure to give them wins when they are armed.
  • Don't be an ATM link junkie! Asking for a link from every single ATM will only hurt you. The link you need will always be pages back and you constantly find yourself bugging your ATM for a fresh link. Instead use AtmWall and other host walls to attend ATM events, keeping one link to all major host walls only.
  • I can't force ATMs to link me or to refresh their links on my wall. Most ATMs will link me before their events but some may not. Get over it and move on to the next one.
  • AtmWall is operated by, so if you have any questions about how it works, please don't ask it on my wall. It will get you blocked and you'll never get an answer. Instead use the StormATM Forum or find other ways to contact me on the Help & Support page.


  • You must be level 10 or higher to get a link.
  • You will not get a link if you already have one.
  • You will not get a link if you are a low level ATM (under level 60).
  • You will not get a link if you are an EXP or 24/7 ATM.
  • You will not get a link if you have a suspicious profile (high death count, offensive player name, offensive player activity, etc).


  • Do understand that you get one link from AtmWall and it is your job to keep your wall clean. Delete or block comments from spammers to make sure that your AtmWall link is always easy to reach.
    (To delete unwanted comments in game, click: Home -> My Profile -> Comments and locate the delete icon next each comment.)
  • Check the ATM Event Schedule for upcoming ATM events.
  • Go to AtmWall a few minutes before the ATM event starts.
    (Home -> My Profile -> Comments -> Click on your AtmWall link -> Comments)
  • On AtmWall locate the link from the ATM doing the event and click on it.
  • Read comments on the ATM's wall. Read rules and any warnings and/or communications.
  • Make sure that you're properly armed to beat the ATM.
    (Please note that even low level players should be able to beat high level ATMs as they unarm before events. However sometimes they do keep a few looted items!)
  • Start attacking the ATM when the event starts.
    (Tip: Watch the ATM's wall for a "Go" or "Open" message, or keep an eye on the ATM's loss count by refreshing the "Info" page of the ATM's profile.)
After the event you should invest the money in income buildings to improve your hourly income. ATM events can give players a huge boost of income, but keep in mind that doing events also makes you earn XP and level up. Only attend ATM events in moderation and make sure to have enough hourly income to support your weapons upkeep many times over!


Want to know how ATMWall can make being an ATM more fun and less work? You've come to the right place.

Here are just a few reasons for you:

  • Are you tired of linking hundreds of people before your events? Do your next event with one single link on AtmWall.
  • AtmWall has linked thousands of players looking for ATM events doing all the legwork for you.
  • ATM events announced on AtmWall will be added to the ATM Event Schedule on this website and will be viewed by over 5,000 players every day in addition to the several thousands of players who watch AtmWall for events.
  • Reduce the risk of being sanctioned/hit listed from the hundreds of links you gave to other players. Many ATMs only link a selected few players such as AtmWall and other host walls, so if in trouble they can ask them to delete those links.

How to announce an event on AtmWall:

  • Leave a fresh link on AtmWall a few hours before your event to make sure that you're on the first page of my wall so players can get to your link pretty fast.
  • Make your announcement as short as possible in one single comment. Include the exact date, time, AM or PM, time zone and event total.
  • It's a good idea to use your event announcement links to tell people that you don't give links to players and only link certain host walls. You should also write your rules on your own wall and delete/block spammers several times a day.

AtmWall no longer blocks ATMs who want their links hidden until their events.

ATMWall will now only maintain one page of links. Older links will be deleted regularly

. Make sure to keep my link so you can announce future events on my wall later.

Events announced on AtmWall must have an event total of:

  • World War » 40 billion
  • iMobsters » 20 billion
  • Vampires Live » 5 billion
  • Kingdoms Live » 200 million
  • Racing Live » 250 million
  • Rock Battle Live » 200 million
  • Zombies Live » 50 million
  • Ninjas Live » 50 million

Additionally, all ATMs must be at least level 60 to use AtmWall for event announcements. Low level ATMs will get blocked. Please note that 24/7 and EXP ATM links are also deleted or blocked as my wall is for scheduled events only! If you're a World War ATM then you must sell all your defensive buildings before you announce events on my wall. Same goes for defense clients in Ninjas Live!

If you are a new ATM or an ATM-in-training, then I advise you to check out the ATM University for tips and tutorials.

If you have additional questions about AtmWall then please contact me.


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